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bullets : Achievement


Served as the Ground Support Platoon Sergeant from May 95 to May 98. He planned, resourced and supervised the platoon' s vehicles and Soldier preparation for Cascade Sage at Yakima Training Center and the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin, California. He supervised three sections and 42 Soldiers from pre-deployment through after-operations maintenance. His platoon also has the best administrative tracking system and compliance rate in the company.

SFC Doe's tactical knowledge allowed Bravo Company to greatly improve its fighting positions. He contributed to and implemented the Soldiers Handbook that is the standard and was instrumental in our success at NTC. SFC Doe has performed above all expectations while serving as the Ground Support Platoon sergeant. His extraordinary knowledge of tactical operations allowed him to revise and update the company's TACSOP, which played a key role in the company's NTC success.

Selected as the Redeployment NCOIC of a 530 soldier Forward Support Battalion during 3rd Brigade's move from Mannheim, Germany to Ft. Lewis, Washington. His attention to detail resulted in the entire Battalion meeting all movement related appointments and no confusion in shipping dependents and peers.

While serving as Operations NCO in the S2/S3 Section from Jun 94 to Sap 95, his dedication and skill in supervising and training especially in Grafenwoehr, played a major role in the Battalion's success there. The section supervised the operations of Squad live fire, MOUT training, land navigation, as well as a large number of small arms, hand grenade, and Claymore mine ranges.

Developed and implemented a Solders Handbook for Bravo. Handbook included crucial elements from soldier manuals and SOPs. This handbook greatly enhanced the success of Bravo Company at NTC rotation 97-09.

Took full accountability of Platoon leadership responsibilities, in the absence of the a platoon leader. SFC Doe took full charge of the platoon in the successful preparation and deployment to Cascade Sage 97 at YTC with 47 soldiers and 32 vehicles.

SFC Doe was instrumental in creating and refining the now company standard of the perimeter defense control measures. This initiative and action produced an effective tool to controlling soldiers and resources. This action was given notable praise by the Senior Enlisted NTC Observer Controller for the FSB.

SFC Doe is creative and enthusiastic at finding ways to effectively and efficiently do work. Through creative measures SFC Doe made a field expedient plow assist the laying of communication wire. The soldier and his efforts is SFC Doe's main concern.

PFC Doe was a valuable part of the task force when he was cross trained in MOS 63H to repair at direct support level maintenance and he was successful in repairing 2 1/2 ton trucks.

His expertise, experience, and supply discipline in DS Maintenance helped 1/32 AR BN regenerate combat power expeditiously. On average, his knowledge helped regenerate 5 % of the Battalion's combat power through BDAR techniques, cross-leveling parts, and ingenuity.

SGT Doe voted 100% of mental and physical abilities in the successful completion of over 300 tank/wheel vehicle jobs and consistently places mission first, personal interest second to get the job done.

SGT Doe served as a Senior Automotive Supervisor and Squad Leader for the 1/32 MST. His technical knowledge enabled an unsurpassed readiness for the 1/32 Armor Battalion. He was responsible for supervising and training 10 soldiers. He displayed outstanding versatility and flexibility throughout his tour with the 125TH/296TH Forward Support Battalion.

In one year, SFC Doe expertly trained and led his section to complete over 6000 Night Vision Device jobs during Cascade Sage 95. He further directed and supervised the technical inspection and repair of the entire Brigade's VRC-12 family of radios in preparation for transition to SINGARS, while training his mechanics on the new radios. SFC Doe also set a new record in communications repair at NTC (97%).

During SFC Doe's tenure, he personally oversaw the remedial PT program. Since its initiation in Jan of 96, SFC Doe worked rigorously with 35 soldier to bring their scores up from failing to US Army standards, and in 8 cases raising their score by more than 40 points.

His exceptionally broad knowledge, initiative, resourcefulness, and willingness to exceed credited him with the best vehicle in the company and set the standard for all to follow.

SPC Doetook over a vacated Training Room and got it up and running with minimum difficulties. PFC Doe's devotion over the past two years was nothing short of outstanding.

SFC Doe's tact common sense, professional knowledge and devotion to duty were key and contributed significantly to the successful movement of the 1/32 Maintenance Support Team's, 23 Soldiers, their families, pets and all of their house hold goods during 3RD Brigade's move from Mannheim Germany to Fort Lewis, Washington.

From Sep 94 to Jan 97, SFC Doe's devotion to duty and attention to detail were directly responsible for the originality and high success rate of the B Co. 296TH FSB HAZMAT Program. During this period, the unit received green ratings twice from the State of Washington and three times by the I Corps Environmental Compliance Office. The program was rated one of the best on the Installation.

As the A&A PSG, SFC Doe was directly responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of 4 M998's, 8 M923's, 3 M1038's, 2 M128A1's, 1 M35A2, 7 M109A3's, and 2 Mll3A3's. As a result of his constant attention to detail, all vehicles were maintained 10/20 standards and achieved a 96% operational readiness rate for two consecutive quarters. SFC Doe also expertly trained and led his platoon during YTC 94, Cascade Sage and NTC where the BN set a new record for maintenance readiness.

As a new Squad Leader, his motivation led to his great success, receiving all first time go's during recent CTT testing, 100% Qualification on all individual weapons and 100% passed APFT within his squad.

SGT Doe's common sense, professional knowledge, and devotion to duty were key and contributed significantly to a successful rotation for the 141st Support Battalion, Oregon National Guard.

His exceptionally broad knowledge of technical and tactical procedures coupled with his initiative, resourcefulness, and willingness to teach, resulted in a complete and solid evaluation for the 141st SPT BN.

SGT Doe had to evaluate numerous areas that he was not fully trained on. He took the challenge, hit the books and gained the knowledge to give them a solid evaluation.

SGT Doe's evaluations were valuable and honest providing me with a true feel of where the unit stood so I could provide their accurate rating.

During Operation Homeward Bound SGT Doe was assigned to 3RD Brigade property office where he worked for six months, days and nights manually loading automated hand receipts ensuring all property was accounted for with zero loss and he ensured all 3RD Brigade assets were assigned to the proper unit.

During Yakima Gunnery he expertly treated seven heat casualties through the application of correct CLS procedures to include application IV fluids. He also assisted and evacuated one soldier with serious head injuries to the local civilian hospital.

SGT Doe was chosen as Platoon Sergeant for a forty five soldier class testing and training for the Expert Field Medical Badge. He was responsible for the welfare of the candidates 24 hours a day, Which allowed them to concentrate on earning a Expert Field Medical Badge, His platoon achieved a 74% pass rate which was the highest of the eight platoons.

His exceptionally broad knowledge of technical and tactical procedures coupled with his initiative, resourcefulness, and willingness to teach, resulted m a complete axed solid evaluation for the 141st SPT BN.

SFC Doe evaluated numerous shop operations and maintenance management procedures. His feedback and AAR input provided me with enough direction to achieve a "trained" rating at "Annual Training 97".

SPC Doe devoted 100% of his mental and physical abilities to the successful completion of over 100 tank and wheel vehicle jobs. He consistently places missions first and personal interest second to get the job done.

SGT Doe served as a senior welder/metal worker for the service and recovery section. His technical knowledge on bolt extractions and welding modifications enabled an unsurpassed readiness for the 1st BCT. His participation in GUNNERIES and WARSTEED made him a valued asset in the battalion. He displayed outstanding versatility and flexibility throughout his tour with the 302D Forward Support Battalion.

He successfully trained and motivated his squad to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test and maintained a 245 PT average for the section while meeting the standards of army weight program. He ensured that his soldiers were prepared for all training events by constantly checking and re-checking

He consistently demonstrated esprit de corps and desire to excel far beyond those who were equal to his rank. His dedication to duty and military accomplishments were a great inspiration to his fellow soldiers in taking the appropriate actions without supervision and in the absence of orders taking charge.

His competence and dedication to soldier welfare were an inspiration to his fellow soldiers, even though not being in a leadership position. He constantly offered his assistance to supported units even if it wasn't the shop's echelon to fix the equipment. His technical ability to fix backlogged jobs help keep the Engineer shop percentage low. SPC Doe has done a nothing less than an outstanding job.

As Unit Drug & Alcohol Coordinator from 1 NOV 94 to 26 MAR 96, SGT Doe consistently attained 100% UADC ratings during Brigade and I Corps Command inspections. He managed unit education and screening programs resulting in less than 1% positive urinalysis results and ADAPC enrollments, and personally coordinated a unit Tobacco Cessation class on 19 MAY 95 that evolved into a Battalion-wide class for 42 soldiers.

As 168th MST Squad Leader from 30 AUG 94 to 15 FEB 96, SGT Doe's professional diligence, sincere desire to succeed and outstanding leadership skills were the driving force at NTC from 26 NOV 95 to 21 DEC 95. As his soldiers set the standards during battle drills and tactical evaluations, earning the team excellent ratings from OCs and high praise from both the 168th ENG BN and Bravo Company 296th FSB chains of command.

His total perseverance and dedication to all tasking ensured complete and continued success for 1/32 Armor BN during Grafenwohr Tank Gunnery, Hoensfels, JRTC 95, Cascade Sage 95, and 3 YTC Gunneries. Keeping them at a 99% readiness rate. His common sense, devotion to duty and professional knowledge were key and contributed greatly to the successful movement of the 1/32 Maintenance Support Team from Mannheim Germany to Ft. Lewis in Operation Homeward Bound.

SGT Doe excelled as Shop Foreman in the Engineer section. He was assigned in a SFC position where he was responsible for supervising and training 14 soldiers in three different MOS's. He successfully maintained 100% accountability of over $170,000 worth of tools and equipment.

During Operation Homeward Bound SGT Doe was responsible for repair, cleaning, U.S. Custom's inspection and packaging of engineer equipment for 3RD Brigade's rotation to Ft. Lewis, WA. He completed all requirements for the move ahead of the scheduled timeline. Upon arrival at Ft. Lewis he was chosen to work with DS+ to provide needed support.

During Operation Homeward Bound SPC Doe was responsible for repair, cleaning, U.S. Customs inspection and packaging of communications equipment for the 3rd Brigade's rotation to Ft. Lewis, WA. Completed all requirements for the move ahead of the scheduled timeline. Upon arrival at Ft. Lewis SPC Doewas chosen to work at the 542nd Maintenance Company to provide much needed support to the 3rd Brigade prior to the Brigade's final closure at Ft. Lewis.

During Iron Thunder (Nov-Dec 94) SPC Doe served as Communications Maintenance Contact Team Chief for the 4-8 Infantry and the 3-77 Armor Battalions. Under his supervision his team repaired over 150 pieces of communications equipment in three weeks time, with an average of one day turn around time for each piece of equipment and an overall S-Status for jobs of 98 %.

She was directly responsible for the management of the shop supply, by maintaining accountability for all job packets, processing and storage of incoming supplies and ordering repair parts for all Direct Support Shops. Performed her duties in a truly efficient, reliable and professional manner. Her dedication to duty helped prepare all the Direct Support Shops for daily missions and deployments. She also maintained a highly motivated attitude throughout her tenure.

SGT Doe is responsible for successfully restructuring Shop Supply, increasing Shop Supply storage space, and increasing six maintenance section's productivity rate through immediate parts processing and requisitioning. She was responsible for increasing Shop Office's requisition accuracy from 65% to a perfect 100%. This valuable achievement allowed for higher productivity, greater operational readiness, and higher cost-savings to the 36TH Engineer Group.

SGT Doe drove over 1500 accident free miles while assigned to the 598th. She consistently maintained an above average APFT score and fired Sharpshooter on the M16. Her soldierly conduct, neat appearance and cooperative attitude earned her the respect and admiration of her superiors and subordinates.

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